Work With Me

I help highly sensitive, neuro-diverse women drop the mask and get back in touch with their brilliance, wisdom and inner magic so they can enjoy successful careers without the overwhelm.

Life, working, leadership, it doesn't need to be a battle.

Thinking outside the box, being wired differently, feeling all the feels deeply. These can be assets not weaknesses. Connecting with the flexibility and energy of the willow tree can help us root down into our wisdom and intuition and help us ditch the anxiety and overwhelm.

The energy we put into hiding, running, masking is energy we simply don't have. It leaves us running on empty, burning out, feeling ill and

and suffering from depression and imposter syndrome.

It's time to draw a line in the sand. Things can be different. And we need to do things differently.

What the world needs now more than ever is for us to show up fully, imperfectly, and wholly as our quirky, sensitive and brilliant selves.

To do that we need to reclaim and redefine our own version of success and strength. We need to get clear on who we are, what we stand for and what our higher purpose is.

It's a journey best taken with a guide, a coach, a way finder. Someone who helps you reconnect with your own inner light and wisdom so that you can stop feeling burnt out and start feeling whole again.

I draw on my own experience in life and as a leader as well as frameworks and tools from NLP, hypnotherapy and Reiki.

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