Connect. Find Out More. Your Way.

We are as different on the inside as we are in the outside. So it's little wonder that different people prefer different ways to reach out, get in touch, discover more. That's why I offer a range of ways you can connect with me.

My favourite way to connect with you would be in JK Rowling's Hufflepuff common room, snuggled in a comfy chair with a blanket or wrapped up warm and huddled over a butter beer in Hogsmeade.  Here are other, less fictional options I offer for reaching out:

You can sign up for my free, gently paced newsletter Notes From The Owlery to get musings, tips, insights and updates.


You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

You can hop on a call to have a chat over a virtual cuppa.

You can email me and we can converse over email at a slow, gentle pace.


You can also listen to the juicy conversation I had with the fabulous Jen Pavich as her guest on the podcast The Unquiet Sisterhood. We talk about how I bring courageous leadership to being a tick a bit differently and highly sensitive female leader, my journey and learning along the way, the importance of showing up fully and the challenges of leadership in a patriarchal society. 

However you choose to connect know that you are welcome and I am thrilled you are here.