Connecting with The WillowTree

The energy and lessons of the willow tree for female leaders

There is something wise about all trees. We feel the sacred sanctuary of the forest and woodland and we breathe deep the restorative air. 

Each tree grows as it is meant to, without comparison, wrapping deep roots around the rocks and minerals in the earth and stretching branches high up into sunlight. They take what they need and no more, existing as part of a harmonious symbiotic eco-system, a slow dance of flowing, giving, taking.

The oak does not try and be the willow. The willow does not try and be the oak. Each have their place and their part to play. 

The willow is often thought of as feminine and soft, her wood weak. And yet, under the Earth, out of sight, her roots seek out water, the element of emotion and the source of her extraordinary pliancy and flexibility. In storms where harder wood breaks, the willow simply bends and teaches us to move with life rather than resist our truth and feelings. Her inner strength is her gift.

A water seeking tree, the energy of the willow is governed by the pull and cycle of the moon. Waxing, waning, natural feminine rhythms. The willow speaks to our intuitive knowing, our visions and our dreams. 

The energy of the willow is all about emotion and feeling. Her flexibility allows her to be empathetic to feelings of others without being overwhelmed. For those of us who are highly sensitive to the energy around us it's an important lesson. She reminds us of the importance of remaining open and letting feelings come and go. Stuck emotions, like stagnant water are where difficulty and illness breed.

At times of high feeling and charged emotions we can be like the willow, allowing that emotion to flow through us, drawing it in, bringing to the surface and releasing it with grace and kindness.

When a branch from the willow becomes disconnected, it will grow into a new tree if planted in soil. A reminder that with every ending, loss or new direction there is an opportunity to grow and heal, and that we are capable of starting again. 

The oak does not try and be the willow. The willow does not try and be the oak. Each have their place and their part to play.

Influenced by The Sacred Tree by Glennie Kindred

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