My antidote to the fast paced working week

My home is my sanctuary.  I easily get peopled out and tired out in the fast paced working week. To stay sane and healthy I'm really clear that I need alone time (with my dog) and a good slice of slow living.

My slow living list


Warm blankets, tea and books.

Candles, lamps, log burners  and twinkling fairy lights.

Birdsong in the woods

Salt and sea air on coastal walks

Bath milk and essential oils.

Making, crafting, writing.


Moon cycles.

Time with my dog.

Physically, mentally and emotionally I crave and need solitude, slow living, time out, a green path.


Modern working life. Leadership. It's a tough gig at times. And that's OK.  I've lots of tools and frameworks that help me manage. That being said I learned the hard way that I really must re-balance. If I don't re-balance well at home, I struggle at work. Balancing and re-balancing, it's an ongoing process.

We were never designed to be permanently in fight or flight mode, yet for those of us with high sensitivity the modern world puts us there for lots of the time. If we don't find good ways to go into rest and digest mode we will be ill. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

The business of busyness needs boundaries.

This is my space for sharing aspects of my own slow living and re-balancing. There will be musings and articles as I wander and live my own green path. Recipes, tips and hacks that might be helpful will all be posted here. 

This is a total freebie space. It's share ware for fellow HSP, neuro diverse folk or anyone who simply knows that slowing down outside of the working day has to be a good thing.

If you find something useful here, please do share it widely and freely. Because in the end we never know how far a change will go.

Go gently.