About Sarah

I'm Sarah Lea Bishop. I help folks dig deep with courage and  become leaders of their own life,  so that they can start having energy and time for a full life outside of the job without sacrificing the career and life they've worked hard to build.

I live with my four legged friend Mabel on the NW coast of England where we live in a house full of books, tea, candles, blankets and plants.

I am a leader, coach, consultant, mentor, writer and change-worker. 

I'm the creator of the Courageously Leaderful Framework based on well established processes for change that help folk get clearer about what they want and their options for making that happen.


I'm a Master Practitioner in NLP,  an indirect hypnotherapist, a practitioner of Reiki and Reiki Drumming and I am trained in Steven Blake's OldPain2Go methodology.  I'm accredited by INLPTA and am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register as well as the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.


I live the stuff I coach. The work I do is not abstract theory, I do every day real life.   I currently spend my working week as a Deputy Head Teacher / Vice Principal and Acting Head Teacher / Principal in a school for 11-16 year olds in the NW of England.  I've been a senior leader across 5 different organisations and my work within education in the UK spans over 20 years.


 It means I bring a whole lot of real and down to earth experience to the table. 


I do human in all its messy and glorious wonder. I know perfection doesn't exist. And neither does a short cut,  silver bullet, quick fix.


The truth is you don't need fixing. None of us do. We live in a society that makes serious money out of convincing us we are not enough.  Not thin enough, not toned enough, not clever enough, not loud enough, not quiet enough. It's exhausting.  No wonder we can end up with a sick feeling in our stomach that we are so tired we are just sleepwalking through our existence. 



















I have this fire in my belly which will not go ignored around helping other folk uncover their own courage, and leadership so they can get really comfortable in their skin and live a life that tells their true story and purpose. Nobody wants to find at the end of their life that the best they did was was working hard and keeping their head down.


Because that feeling of looking round with a sinking feeling we got lost along the way and are living someone else's life or that we got so stuck on the career hamster wheel that we have no energy for truly living a life outside of work is a feeling none of us need to stick with.

I have limited slots available for my one to one programme. It's important to me that I honour both my own boundaries and this process that I love for its capacity to bring about powerful change in people's lives, and importantly how that can ripple out in the world, which is what really lights me up and makes my soul sing.

If you are ready to become courageously leaderful and live with courage and purpose and want to explore how I can work with you there are different ways you can connect with me.

The messaging we are bombarded with is deliberately noisy and pervasive, because in the midst of the noise we forget to sit with stillness and quiet and reconnect to our own truth, our own wisdom and our own true message.


And imagine what would happen when more of us get really comfortable in our own skin and our own purpose so that we truly root down and rise up?