When we get to the end of this life there has to be more to our story than 


"Working hard, keeping our head down, achieving, getting by"

Because, our true story, the one we have inside of us  is so, so much richer. 

And telling ourselves that we'll get our life back when...we'll do the thing when... we'll be free to... when.... soothes us for a while. We think it and we believe it. 


Until we notice just how long we've been saying it for. And nothing has changed. And we work out just how long of our working life we have left.


 Most of us have one heck of a chunk of our working life left. If we are waiting for retirement before we get to do what we want to do and start fully enjoying our life, putting a time frame on just how far away that is for us can be a real wake up call.


How often do we convince ourselves that this putting off, this missing out, this lack of energy for this life we are building is a temporary situation and soon things will change. It's those familiar, well worn lines we use that give us away. You know the ones, those we have on stand by to make us feel better when we are cancelling arrangements, or banking sleep.


" I just need to.... and then... " 

"It will quieten down ...and then.."


I know because I heard myself saying these lines so many times too as I exchanged one deadline for another.  We start off saying it and believing it. And then the recognition starts to seep into us that we keep on saying these lines and yet nothing changes. One project, one work problem, one important deadline is exchanged for another. And we stay on the hamster wheel.


We can become consumed by the job because often we chose our area of work because we wanted to make a difference. And we still do.  We've just worked out that making a difference at the expense of our own health and enjoyment of life is no longer a viable option for us.



What if we started to get brave and say unapologetically, we want to be more than one thing.  We want to live not exist. We want to lead a multi-coloured, multi-faceted, multi-layered life that is joyful and connected and perfectly, imperfectly messy and meaningful and fully ours. What if we get deeply courageous and proclaim to our own soul that we will accept nothing less. And then we set about making that happen.

I'm Sarah Lea Bishop.  I'm a leader, writer, coach, consultant, mentor and guide. I help folk remember they are so much more than a job title, and then find their courage so they can stop living someone else's life, fully live their own and create time for what really matters - without having to sacrifice or destroy everything they have been working for in order to do it. Because we can have a successful career and a full life outside of it.

The unearthing of a life to truly enjoy and be happy with, the exploring of our purpose, the standing up for what's important to us, it all requires courage, leadership and being truly comfortable in our own skin. 

And it needs us to be able to do it without burning down the life we've worked hard to achieve.


There are a growing number of us. We have something in our bones and spirit that means we don't want to settle for  just go with the flow, get by, keep our heads down.  We aren't prepared to give so much of our energy and life force to the job that we end up sleepwalking through the other parts of our life. A flat pack, mass produced, cog in a wheel existence.  At the same time we went into our line of work for a reason, to make a difference, to influence and we don't want to give that up.  We still feel we have work to do. We just want to start doing it on our on our own terms.



When we listen to what is important to us and fully and wholly put our yes in the right places and learn how to say no when we need to, it feels like the pieces fall into place. We automatically start creating a more rounded life, a way of being that is more in tune with who we really are and we begin to find ways to fully get in the driving seat of a life that we can be happy with without needing to wait for a lottery win or retirement.  Truth is, there's not much point being a leader in the workplace if we aren't being a leader in our own life.

We live in a very binary kind of society.


Either / Or.

All or Nothing.

It is entirely possible to live fiercely and stand for something, enjoy life AND sustain a career and keep the roof over our head.

The work I do is about helping career folk get out of autopilot and out of exhaustion and back into being curious about who they are beyond the title on their lanyard.  I help folk get comfortable in their own skin and get clear about what's important to them so they have energy to actually enjoy life and live with some purpose.  And to do this in a way that means you don't have to "press the button" on the day job.

We do this through the gorgeously sequenced Courageously Leaderful Framework 


This is a structure for making change with impact based on the principles  If what you are currently doing isn't getting the results you wanted,  then doing more of it harder, faster, stronger just won't work.


Carrying on with the try harder, do more, be perfect stuff simply leaves us exhausted, despondent and feeling the issue lies within. This is not how it needs to be. 

What we do is work differently.   This framework gives you a bespoke blend of confidential and one to one coaching, mentoring and guiding so you can put your energy to the things that matter to you, say no to the things that don't, be creative, belly laugh - often, stand for something, and fully live. And you can stop scrolling through the ditch your day jobs take the leap and hope the universe catches you posts.


If this sounds like it might be your cup of tea,  have a look at the different ways you can connect with me or find out more.